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A Preacher is at his dying church members bed - The preacher is talking to the man, saying how he will say a prayer for his quick healing when all of a sudden the man begins to attempt to tell him something The man motions with his hand so the pastor steps closer "What is it? What do you need?" The pastor asked The man looks around the room and grabs the pen and paper and scribbles something on the paper As he hands the paper to the pastor the man passes away. The pastor takes the paper without reading it and folds it into his pocket as he began to read a passage from the bible. A few days later at the mans funeral the pastor is giving a speech "I knew him very well...and actually I have the rare opportunity of reading his last words that he wrote just before he went to meet the lord. I have not read this note until now so we will all be privileged to hear them together" The pastor pulls the paper out and reads aloud " It reads, You are stepping on my oxygen cord"
Did you hear about the kidnapping at school? - He woke up due to the noise he made snoring.
Life without internet is like a house without a bathroom... - What are you supposed to do? Go outside n' shit?

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