Random youtube comment picker

To pick a random YouTube video comment paste paste your video URL below and hit the green button.

Videos with thousands of comments may take a while to process

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What is this tool?

It is a random YouTube comment picker that can find all the comments on any video that is publically available on youtube.com and pick one out at random.

Many people run competitions VIA their YouTube Channels, using comments as a way to be an entry into it. This tool could be the perfect free way to choose who is the winner from a list of hundreds, or even thousands of comments.

Just paste the link to your YouTube video at the top and hit "pick random winner". We will then collect a list of all the comments on that page and choose one of them completely at random. The tool will output the name of the winner, the comment he/she wrote and when as well as a link to their channel on youtube.com.

That's it! I hope you find this tool useful!