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Random color generator

To generate random colors simple enter whether you would like completely new or named colors, how many should be generated and hit the green button.


hex: #EEDC82
RBG: rbg(93,86,51)

Fluorescent blue

hex: #15F4EE
RBG: rbg(8,96,93)

Light yellow

hex: #FFFFE0
RBG: rbg(100,100,88)


hex: #36747D
RBG: rbg(21,45,49)

Pink lace

hex: #FFDDF4
RBG: rbg(100,87,96)

Red (pigment)

hex: #ED1C24
RBG: rbg(93,11,14)

Sand dune

hex: #967117
RBG: rbg(59,44,9)


hex: #FFFF00
RBG: rbg(100,100,0)

What is this tool?

It is a simple free random color generator tool that can help with design inspiration. The named option will output only official colors that have been given names, therefore guaranteeing that you will get something nice.

There is also a random function if you want to try your luck. With that, we generate completely random RGB values on the fly to see if they make any colors you like.

You can then simply copy the hex or RBG value and use it in Photoshop, your CSS etc. Have fun!