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Chuck Norris throws midgets for fun. He used to do it competitively, but it all ended horribly when he killed the pope.
Chuck Norris first appeared on TV when he was 8 years old, doing a musical number on the show 'Star Search'. When Chuck Norris' musical number started he just roundhouse kicked one of the judges in the face. He then remained motionless for the last two minutes of the song while smiling and giving the thumbs up. Chuck Norris would have won but, due to paralysis, judge number three just made gurgling noises when he tried to tell Chuck Norris he received a perfect score.
Chuck Norris was born a blonde, but the blood of his victims dyed his hair and beard to a healthy orange.
Chuck Norris used his bare hands and caught the Road Runner. He then roundhouse kicked Wile E. Coyote for being so incompetent.
Florida used to be in a straight line, until Chuck Norris kicked Miami for refusing to make a

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