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Random Spotify Songs Generator

To generate a random Spotify songs simply change the settings to your desired taste in music and hit generate.

Língua de Jacaré


Baião D4 / Rastapé

O Som do Forró


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Forró Brecado


Airto Moreira

Code: Brasil - Target: Recife


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Forró em Campina


Jackson Do Pandeiro

O forró de Jackson do Pandeiro


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What is this tool?

Do you have a Spotify account and would like to get fresh music suggestions from your favourite genres? This random Spotify song generator should be just what you need!

By default, it will pick one of the 126 genres at random and give you three random tracks. Using the dropdown menu at the top you can pick a genre to select songs from or select the first option "random genre" to get songs from random genres each time.

As well as album art, artist name and release date you can also listen to a 30 seconds preview of the song when available. Clicking on "get track on Spotify" will take you directly to the track on the Spotify app or website.