Signature Generator

To generate a signature, select if the background should be transparent and start drawing on the pad.

What is this tool?

Do you want to draw a signature on your computer or phone? You can use this signature generator which allows you to draw like you have a real pen in your hand and works with a mouse, graphics tablet or touch screen.

To start using this generator select whether you want the background of the output image to be transparent; if this setting is changed later your drawing will be lost.

Next, select a pen color, you can keep changing the pen color for different effects.

Now you can create the perfect signature! If you make a mistake, tap the undo button and if you want to start again with a clean canvas, tap the clear button.

When you are happy with the signature, download it as an image by tapping one of the green buttons. This generator currently supports three image formats; PNG, JPG and SVG. If you selected a transparent background only save the image as an SVG or PNG and JPG's don't have an alpha channel meaning the background will be black.