Russian name generator

To generate random male/female Russian names select the options below and click generate.

Feodore Avdeyev (Авдеев)

Fyodor Avdonin (Авдонин)

Kostas Agafonov (Агафонов)

Lesta Agliullin (Аглиуллин)

Vadim Alistratov (Алистратов)

Vanya Amaliyev (Амалиев)

Vladilen Aminev (Аминев)

Xenik Andreyev (Андреев)

What is this tool?

It is a simple free tool that you can use to create real Russian male and Female names with surnames.

To make this tool I collected a list of 600 of the most popular boy and girl first names in Russia. I also gathered a list of 1500 of the most common surnames. This ensures that you will get a good mix of random names each time.