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Random trivia questions game

Select a category or general knowledge, how many questions will be in the game and hit generate to create a set of random trivia questions.

This mans biological son became famous after his death.

The Forbidden City, lying at the center of Beijing, was the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Yellow was the symbol of the royal family so the roofs, the decorations and even the bricks on the ground in the Forbidden city are yellow. But there is one exception- the roof of the royal library. What color is it?

In the movie The Color Purple, when Nettie is thrown off Misters farm and Celie begs Nettie to write her, what is Netties response?

In the film The Princess Diaries, Lillys public access television program is called Shut Up and Kiss.

What is this tool?

If you are looking to challenge yourself with a game of trivia questions you have come to the right place.

I have put together a huge database of trivia knowledge questions on a huge range of subjects, from sports to Geography.

Each topic has anywhere between 10 and 20 thousand questions, with true/false or A to D possibilities.

You can choose the specific topic to challenge yourself on, or go for general knowledge, which is a random selection of questions from each of the categories (excluding for kids and brain teasers).

All you have to do then is select how many questions you want and hit generate to create a random Trivia questions game.

Have fun!