Random Netflix Movies

Simply select how many movies you want and hit the green button to get random Netflix movies.

Bangkok Hell

Bangkok Hell (2002)


Rivaaz (2011)

The Heroes of Evil

The Heroes of Evil (2015)


Thithi (2015)

We Are Family

We Are Family (2010)

Yaara O Dildaara

Yaara O Dildaara (2011)

What is this tool?

It is just a simple way to explore movies that are available on Netflix for streaming in the United States.

To make this random generator I collected a list of the 3000 plus movies available on Netflix as of December 2019. I plan to keep this list updated on a month by month basis, which means it will not be 100% accurate. If Netflix provided an API then keeping automatically updated with new and delete movies would be a lot easier but I guess they don't want to share this information with everyone.