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Random Gods Goddesses and Deities

To generate random gods, goddesses and deities select the number you would like to see and what culture they should be from.

Ame-no-Koyane (天児屋命 or 天児屋根命)

culture: japanese
A male deity, he is considered the 'First in Charge of Divine Affairs', as well as the aide to the first Emperor of Japan

Demeter (Δημήτηρ, Dēmētēr

culture: greek
Goddess of farming, the harvest and fertility


culture: mesopotamian
goddess of plants

What is this tool?

To make this tool I collected a list of the most well-known gods and deities from the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman, Norse and ancient Japanese cultures.

It outputs the origin culture, name and a short description of each one. I attempted my best or collected images of each deity, however for some of the less-well-known ones it proved to be a little tricky. I may write another program to do this in the future.