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Ebook cover for Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT - Book One

Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT - Book One

Daniel A. Reed

genre Language Arts & Disciplines
In 2005, the SAT implemented major revisions, including: New reading sections, Analogies removed, Multiple-Choice Grammar and Usage Questions, Modified Reading Questions.   Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT adresses all of the revisions in the test without vocabulary studies.   Students will benefit from: Focused prefix, suffix, and root practice, Challenging infererence exercises, Detailed critical reading exercises, New SAT-style writing and grammar exercises.
Released: Oct 21 2010

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An ebook is a digital publication which is formatted in a way to make it enjoyable to read. While ebooks have been around since the start of the century they have recently become mainstream thanks to specially designed ebook readers such as the Amazon Kindle.

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