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Random buildings

To use this random buildings generator simply enter how many buildings you would like to see and hit generate.

Minarets of Süleymaniye Mosque

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Jeddah Tower

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

National Gallery

Location: London, United Kingdom

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Location: Koekelberg(Brussels), Belgium

Apartment house on Kolsky av. and Beringa st.

Location: Murmansk, Russia

Lakhta Center[14]

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Suzhou IFS

Location: Suzhou, China

What is the tool?

It is a way to generate a list of random buildings. I have put together a list of around 500 the worlds most famous buildings both modern and old.

If you are looking to visit somewhere and don't have any ideas this tool could help you.