Random Address In Japan

Street: 伊勢原市立石田小学校, 相模原大磯線

Suburb/City: Isehara

Postcode: 259-1116

Country: Japan

Street: 袖ケ浦中島木更津線

Neighbourhood: 金田東四丁目

Suburb/City: Kisarazu

Postcode: 292-0009

Country: Japan

Street: Times, 宮本古和釜町線

Neighbourhood: 高根台六丁目

Suburb/City: Funabashi

Postcode: 274-0065

Country: Japan

Street: 諸戸山林事務所, 秦野清川線

Suburb/City: Hadano

Postcode: 259-1107

Country: Japan

Street: Anada Tunnel

Suburb/City: Nikko

Country: Japan

Street: 林道 大福山線

Suburb/City: Kimitsu

Postcode: 292-0525

Country: Japan

What is this tool?

This generator gets random addresses in Japan using real map data. Each address is formatted according to guidence from the appropriate authorities and contains the building number/street address, road, town/city/region, county, state and postcode.

Are the Addresses in Japan Fake or Real?

The simple answer is yes and no. To get Japan addresses we use a technique called geocoding which involves converting latitude longitude coordinates to an address on a map. If The lat-lon contains a street address, it is put into our random generator. In practice, sometimes a street address is reported but there is no house, making the address fake.

What Can I Use The Random Japan Addresses For?

You can use them for research purposes and to fill forms on websites that require valid addresses but you don't want to give them your actual home address.