Random Address In Europe

Street: 53, Gajowa

Suburb/City: Wawer, Warsaw

State/Region: Masovian Voivodeship

Postcode: 04-691

Country: Poland

Street: 3а, Lytvynenko-Wohlgemuth Street

District/Borough: Sviatoshynskyi district

Suburb/City: Borshchahivka, Kyiv

Postcode: 03194

Country: Ukraine

Street: 15, An den Theklafeldern

County/Department: Leipzig

State/Region: Sachsen

Postcode: 04328

Country: Deutschland

Street: 12, Widok

County/Department: Pruszków County

State/Region: Masovian Voivodeship

Postcode: 05-816

Country: Poland

Street: 194, Maarten Lutherweg

Town: Amstelveen

State/Region: North Holland

Postcode: 1185 AV

Country: Netherlands

Street: 40, First Avenue

Suburb/City: Waltham Abbey, Epping Forest

County/Department: Essex

State/Region: England

Postcode: EN9 2AR

Country: United Kingdom

What is this tool?

This generator gets random addresses in Europe using real map data. Each address is formatted according to guidence from the appropriate authorities and contains the building number/street address, road, town/city/region, county, state and postcode.

Are the Addresses in Europe Fake or Real?

The simple answer is yes and no. To get Europe addresses we use a technique called geocoding which involves converting latitude longitude coordinates to an address on a map. If The lat-lon contains a street address, it is put into our random generator. In practice, sometimes a street address is reported but there is no house, making the address fake.

What Can I Use The Random Europe Addresses For?

You can use them for research purposes and to fill forms on websites that require valid addresses but you don't want to give them your actual home address.