Fantasy Drawing Idea Generator

Select how many ideas you want and hit the green button to generate random fantasy drawing ideas.

Elven archer taking aim with unerring precision

Sorcerer's apprentice conjuring a playful spirit

Elven warrior wielding a bow infused with ancient magic

An underwater city, illuminated by a rainbow of light

A painting of an enchanted forest, filled with mysterious creatures and plants

A painting of an enchanted garden, with its legendary inhabitants

What is this tool?

The Random Fantasy Drawing Idea Generator is an online tool designed to help aspiring fantasy artists develop creative ideas for their artwork. It generates random prompts and ideas based on different elements of fantasy for users to explore and expand upon. Whether you’re looking for something to spark an original concept or hoping to flesh out an existing idea, this generator has something for everyone. It features a variety of fantasy tropes, creatures, landscapes, magical worlds and more!